Weeding public roads as part of the biannual (June, December) Environment Month. Serving local residents, as well as participating together with local residents in regional activities.

Visits as part of the company response to university and high school students looking for employment, and factory visits by students from nearby primary schools, as part of a company visit program. These visits assist students in understanding the work processes in the manufacture of precision components, manufacturing quality, and consideration for the environment, in the manufacture of large vehicles such as trucks and buses.

Provision is made for university and high school students requesting internships. These programs present students with a image of what working in a manufacturing industry is like, as well as showing the harsh reality of society in comparison to their academic world, and provide opportunities for participation in fields of possible future employment.

Cooperating in the biannual (May, November) blood donor activities of the Japanese Red Cross Center. The company participates in these activities every year, and encourages in employees a sense of obligation to the welfare of society.

The company actively participates in the Ecocap campaign through installation of recovery boxes in the vicinity of vending machines. The recovered caps are recovered by an organization who use the proceeds from the sale of the caps for polio vaccines. The company’s continuing cooperation in these programs raises employee awareness of contributions to society, and of disease.

Participation in the Chichibu City Dragon festival held annually in November in Saitama Prefecture. The festival is long-famous for its rockets hand-crafted by local farmers. Employees look forward to the success of their rocket launching as members of the Genryukai.

1. Autonomous Inspections
We inspect forklifts and crane hoists, every month.

2. Environmental Measurements
・We measure noise once every six months.
・We consign measurements of particulates and organic solvents once every six months.

3. Health Checkups
We conduct regular health checkups in November, adult disease examinations in September, and special health checkups in June and December.

4. Events
・To mark national safety week, we designate June as a preparation month and implement workplace patrols in July.
・To mark national health and safety week, we designate September as a preparation month and implement workplace patrols in October.

5. Education
・We hold general firefighting training and an automated external defibrillator (AED) workshop once per year, and lectures on safe driving twice per year.
・We implement risk prediction training using KYT sheets every month.
・We implement plant diagnoses.

6. Meetings
Health and safety committee members hold monthly meetings.