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Mr. Yoshinori Ohnishi, President of Saitama Kiki Co., Ltd., gives a message.

Approach to Management
Our approach to management is based on "respect for the individual," which was the philosophy espoused by our founder the late Mr. Toshio Nishiumi.

Company Profile
The company profile, sales transitions, and company organization chart of Saitama Kiki Co., Ltd. are given.

Research & Development (nel)
Through repeating the cycle of research, development, experimentation, and verification, we advance the development of products that respond to the needs of the age.

Company History
We give a
brief history of
Saitama Kiki Co., Ltd. from its establishment to the present day.

Group Companies
Nishiumi Group is engaged
in the fields of expertise of each affiliated company.

Main Customers
We introduce our main customers to whom
we supply products.

Overseas Affiliated Companies
Nishiumi Group
actively conducts technical tie-ups and sales agreements
with overseas makers.