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Ever since the founding of our company by the late Mr. Toshio Nishiumi, our basic management philosophy has been “respect for the individual.” We have acted upon the belief that good products and company prosperity are only possible when the employee’s well-being is respected and there is mutual trust and confidence between the management and the employees.

With this in mind, our efforts have been directed toward the education of employees, improvement of company structure, and rationalization of management. We have also focused on research and development of new technologies and products, in up-to-date manufacturing and inspection facilities under high-level manufacturing engineering, and quality assurance standards. Saitama Kiki has also been able to exchange advanced technological information with overseas enterprises to meet additional needs and to perform in a socially responsible manner conducive for a better tomorrow for all.

Our aim is to contribute to the nation and society through industrial products.
1. Improving the company constitution
2. Providing service to customers
3. Raising employees’ standard of living
4. Returning profits to co-operators

We offer high-quality products that gratify our customers.

As a dedicated maker of critical safety parts for automobiles, construction machines, etc. based on the quality policy of “Offering high-quality products that gratify our customers”, we acquired ISO9001 certification in February 1998. We conduct organized activities based on quality control geared to achieving customer satisfaction and sustaining and developing continuous improvement.


Based on our management philosophy of “contributing to the state community through industrial products”, Saitama Kiki Co., Ltd. I acquire the certification of ISO14001 in May, 2002,strives for environmental preservation and improvement based on the original ideas of all employees with a view to harmonizing corporate activities and the natural environment.


We, Saitama Kiki Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of components for commercial vehicles and industrial equipment, are aware of the influence of our activities, our products, the nature of our service, and the scale of our facilities on the environment, and will do our best to save and recycle resources, and reduce industrial waste.


We will put in our best efforts in preventing environmental pollution and promoting continuous improvement in our activities, bearing in mind environment, health, and safety.


We will observe all the environmental laws and regulations including other special requirements.


Under the environmental policy, we set our environmental objectives and targets, carry out our activities in line with the planned programs, and review the results periodically.


We have put this policy in writing are implementing it and are maintaining it with our environmental management system. We educate all our employees on environmental protection to increase their awareness of the environment.


We actively participate and work in harmony with the local community in environmental protection programs organized by them. We also allow people outside our organization to access our ”Environmental Policy” document.