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The Saitama kiki apparatus planned the growth of the company with the development of the key industry of Japan since the establishment of a business of 1956.

We are particular about manufacturing while social structure of Japan greatly changes I performed a market advance positively to brakes, a steering, hydraulic machinery for important preservation part and industrial equipment of the suspension, the field of the railroad carriage apparatus.

I offer the product in accord with the needs of a great variety of visitors by coherent manufacturing from research and development to production, sale. I know it with a gift of the patronage of all of you and the support entirely and thank for this deeply.

It "is mind of the human being respect" of our company to become the support and is management of "the cooperation by mutual trust".
The world economy greets the big change period, and the speed of the innovation is accelerated, and the environmental problem worsens on a global scale. Is a company purpose; if "contribute to the national society through industrial products ," go, and will repeat more effort. Through the trusted product of the visitor, I aim at the company useful where is environmental made which is kind to the earth for the future.

Yoshinori Ohnishi
Saitama Kiki Co., Ltd.