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Swivel joint
Hydraulic connection components for rotating vehicles (e.g. cranes).

■Technical Introduction

Charging valve
A component storing hydraulic pressure for the full hydraulic power brake system in an accumulator, and adjusting pressure within a fixed range.

Brake valve
A component using hydraulic pressure stored in the full hydraulic power brake system to control hydraulic pressure necessary for brake operation.

Slack adjustment cylinder
A component adjusting the gap between disks due to wear in the multi-plate wet disk brake.

hydraulic booster
A component converting the force on the brake master cylinder into hydraulic pressure. Incorporates a mechanism to amplify hydraulic pressure

Master cylinder
Independent cylinders for left and right wheels arranged in parallel. Incorporates a mechanism to eliminate the pressure difference when left and right operate simultaneously.

Torque rod
Link components connecting the chassis and body via rubber bushes. Supports one axis direction.

■Technical Introduction
Anti-vibration rubber>>
Friction Welding>>

Bush (rubber)
Vibrations from road surface are absorbed by rubber, reducing vibration transmitted to chassis.

Ball joint for independent suspension
A ball joint used in independent suspension arms of special vehicles. Fitted to all eight wheels.

Drag link
A link component transmitting movement of the steering wheel to the wheels via a gearbox. Ball joint and clevis types available.

■Technical Introduction
Friction Welding>>
NC Bending>>
Shot Peening>>

Tie rod
A link transmitting movement of the steering wheel to the wheels via an arm.